Bukit Singa

From breathtaking islands to picturesque beaches, Malaysia is certainly blessed with an abundance of natural wonders.

For this year, make Pulau Kapas your destination if you only travel to one of the Malaysian island. This tropical island paradise, which is located in Terengganu, offers more than just pristine beaches and beautiful water.

One of the best activities on Pulau Kapas, in addition to snorkelling and kayaking, is climbing up Bukit Singa (Lion’s Hill). This well-known Pulau Kapas hiking location, surrounded by cliffs and coastal rocks, is ideal for newbies.

The trail to Bukit Singa requires you to stroll over the coastal cliffs, wade through waist-deep water, and slide down the steep slopes.

When you get to the island, you can choose to join a tour , however, some hikers prefer to climb alone. Along the trail, there are no obvious signs.  To getting to the top involves climbing a stairway, navigating waist-deep water, and walking along coastal rocks. It may be a little difficult if you’re a newbie because there are no railings to grab onto.

The top can also be rather windy, and the nearby rocks are quite sharp. Climbers were advised to avoid standing too close to the edge and using appropriate footwear.

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