Scuba Diving At Kapas Island

Scuba Diving

While Kapas Island is known as snorkeling paradise - partly because of the relatively shallow reefs - there are a number of excellent scuba diving spots as well. One of the most popular sites in the vicinity is a World War II shipwreck. Some illegal fishing trawlers have also been sunk here to serve as artificial reefs and there is a good amount of coral on the eastern side of the island.

The species that you are likely to encounter here include eels, giant clams, cuttlefish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, puffer fish, angelfish, damsels, nudibranchs and even turtles. There are plenty of hard and soft corals, including sea anemones with tiny clownfish hiding between their tentacles.

If you enjoy exploring the underwater world, do your part to protect it. The golden rule, apart from never holding your breath, is to take only photographs and leave only bubbles!

General Guidelines When Scuba Diving At Kapas Island

  • Choose a dive operator that respects the environment and actively contributes to conservation efforts in the area.
  • Ensure that your dive boat does not anchor on the reef and make sure that all rubbish (especially light plastics) is carefully stowed away.
  • Stay within the designated areas so that you do not cross boat paths and get hit.
  • Never touch or step on coral. The slightest touch can harm them and some may hurt you.
  • Do not collect any “souvenirs” – living or dead - underwater, but do pick up recent rubbish.
  • Do not touch, chase, try to ride or otherwise harass any marine life. Feed and handle marine life only under expert guidance.